3 day Art Workshop


I was invited to travel to a privately owned international school in another state. The school is only two years old, and is fully equipped with the most modern facilities. I gave a three day art workshop for the junior students focusing on everything from the elements and principals of design, to traditional and contemporary Nigerian Art. Students were excited to learn about their cultures art as well as get some hands on experience using local clay, paint, and rice and beans for mosaics.








Art in the School Farm

IMG_0969After planting a variety of crops including corn, beans, casava, and yam students constructed a friendly scarecrow to keep the lizards away.


Painting Critique

IMG_1044Students line up paintings on chalkboard. After titling each one, they give a short presentation on what their painting is about and which contemporary Nigerian Artists they were influenced by. Others listen and comment on the positive aspects of the painting as well as what changes could make the painting stronger.


Set Design and Drama Practice

IMG_7624Students begin their study of Drama as a form of performing arts. We are able to use a small amount of recycled paint to create the beginning of a sky for a drama. Junior classes practice writing scripts, improvisation, and separating themselves into the various roles of cast and crew.



Christmas and New Years in Lagos

IMG_0719After students went home for their Christmas holiday, I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit Lagos one more time while in Nigeria. I attended staff Christmas parties with the people who worked at the Clinic, church services lasting late into the night and lots of visits with friends.

IMG_7590 I was also lucky enough to witness the birth of three healthy triplets on New Years Day!