Final Jubilee Celebration


IMG_6549 A beautiful mass celebrating the sisters of Notre Dame in Nigeria. Outside the church Igbo drummers and dancers entertained thousands of guests all in matching “God is Good” fabric. IMG_6589 IMG_6601



Packing for Art Exhibition

IMG_6326 Teachers, sisters, and few chosen students traveled to the Eastern part of Nigeria to celebrate a final jubilee celebration recognizing 50 years since the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur came to Nigeria. All student work was boxed up and brought along for the exhibition while few works were chosen to compete against other student work from all Notre Dame schools throughout the country.  IMG_6476

Paintings for Art Exhibition

IMG_6350Three students were chosen to create art work to be judged in the upcoming exhibition in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The themes of each painting focus on “Tomorrows Nigeria.” Students reflected on how they could preserve their culture in the ever-changing era of advancement.




Social Night Crowns


Every Saturday night all the girls come together for a social night. These nights include song performances, jokes, dancing, dramas, and games. Below are students who used cardboard and ribbon to make crowns for their fashion parade. They decorated the crowns with little bits of shredded tin foil wrappers to add attraction.