Visiting Artists Studios

I was privileged to visit the Artist Studios connected with the National Museum in Lagos. The studios housed artists ranging from sculptors, to painters, to ceramicists.





August Break Spent in Lagos


After Graduation at the end of July, I spent August working in St.Catherine of Sienna’s Medical Center in Lagos with several sisters of Notre Dame.  I was allowed behind the scenes of every aspect of the medical center and learned so much about the medical field. A great staff made me feel at home during my stay. 




Saying Goodbye for the Summer

IMG_5398A wonderful school year has ended, exams have finished, graduation completed, and now students are left with a couple days to enjoy each other and the cool weather. After all the hard work students are free to play football (soccer) games, relax, and even experiment with silhouettes against a beautiful July Sunset.



Preparing for Graduation

Notre Dame Girls Academy was excited to be celebrating their first graduation since the opening of the school in 2006. In preparation for the graduation ceremony, students learned dances  from the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria: Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. Students also practiced songs and well wishes for the eight graduating seniors.


End of the School Year

Students are excited to be nearing the end of another school year and also nervous as they take exams in all their subjects. For the Art Exam, students completed 40 multiple choice questions based on the elements, principals, materials and techniques they have been introduced to since the beginning of the term in April. In addition to the multiple choice questions students also wrote several short answers to questions, gave definitions of certain terms and exercised their observation skills by sketching from a still life set up in the front of the classroom. Here are some of the results from the Jss1 and Jss2 classes (6th and 7th grade)