Community Building Workshop

IMG_3869A small group of students in the Senior Secondary Class 1 gathered Saturday to take part in a community building workshop. The goal of the workshop was to learn new ways to build community among peers who live and work together everyday. Through different challenges the girl learned new ways of communication, teamwork and trust.



Drawing from Sight

IMG_3705Students begin to explore using simple techniques for drawing different objects from sight. They were most excited about drawing Antonio the mannequin.


Starting Art/Lit Club

IMG_3712Several girls volunteered as the first members of the art/literacy club inspired by previous work with LitWorld, a  non-profit organization. The club will use art, poems and books to emphasize the power and individuality in each girls story. IMG_3716 The first meeting allowed girls of various ages with similar interests to come together to establish expectations of what they wanted to keep in or out of their club, symbolized  by the circle of hands.


Our First Lessons

IMG_3807Our first lessons were very simple as we explored some of the basic Elements and Principles of Art and Design.


Students took turns exploring the many different types of lines spotted around the classroom and even began to use those lines as inspiration for their first assignment.


Inventory & Organization


IMG_3480With just an empty bookshelf, cardboard, duct tape, and a sharpie, organization of all the donated supplies was made possible! Each item has been labeled and listed to help materials stay in the Fine Art Studio for all to benefit.


The new supply shelf will not only help students identify various materials, but give them a sense of ownership to help maintain each materials integrity and place in the Art Studio.